A Message for the Wistful Traveler

The sun had been up over the horizon for at least an hour. Perhaps the daylight warmth through the windows stirred me out of my slumber. Or perhaps it was the stillness of the car on the side of the empty highway, interrupted only by the rattle from an occasional […]

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Sometimes, Fences Need Mending

broken fences, broken souls

Sometimes fences need mending. Sometimes the rains come and the weeds grow too fast. Sometimes the wind blows hard and the roof needs repair. Sometimes the walls need to be painted And the to-do list grows faster than the hand can write And the bills pile up as high as […]

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Her Name Is Rose

She sat there on the exam table stunned as the words were pronounced.  The bewildering cloud that now hung in the air had immobilized her. The next action should have been simple: Just stand up. But the brain couldn’t think of that. The news they were just given had sucked […]

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