The Sweetest Gaze

The other day, as I was going about the usual business of taking care of you, more mindful of the task at hand, I suddenly noticed you staring at me.

You were transfixed, but your eyes in that moment were not filled with simple curiosity. You had a look of awe in the one who was taking care of you, beaming with all the love and admiration a three-month-old baby could muster. It was quite simply the sweetest gaze imaginable.

I think about this little moment between you and me. It was a routine thing. But it was this time spent doing the routine thing that became a moment I treasure.

It's true, I pray that as you grow you have plenty of opportunities to experience the excitement of adventure and the thrill of discovery as you explore your ever-expanding world. These things are truly a gift and fill life with such amazing stories. These are the days that become a blessing to miss when they are gone because you've made them your own.

But I also pray, that as life has a way of settling down into its routines, that you don't lose sight of a wonder that is incomparable to any such adventure. It's in these ordinary moments, the ones that pass us by almost unnoticed, that life is lived. It's in these moments that we have the opportunity to stop, look up, and be in awe of the One taking care of us.

It's in these routine moments that we can discover the One loving us, gaze at Him, and be in awe of how wonderful He really is.

And that, my little love, is the real adventure.

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