Mountains to Climb

Life has been a bit overwhelming the past few weeks. I hesitate to commit that reality to words because the truth is, as an adult, when is life not filled with complexity and all its challenges?

I hate complaining, so I generally try to take everything in stride, regardless of the situation.

But there are times when a mountain is set before you that you did not choose. You did not see it coming, and there is no other way around it but to go over it… one step at a time.

It can make you angry. It can frustrate you. You can search for someone to blame for the situation forced upon you.

All these responses are human. But they are not productive. And at the end of the day, they will not get you over that mountain.

Son, I want to say it is true that you choose your battles in life. Challenges are aplenty, but you can be selective about what is most important. Wisdom is your best guide.

And for those challenges suddenly thrust upon you, you still have a choice. You can decide how you are going to climb.

It's okay to cry. Be angry if you must. It's okay to feel bewildered. But don't let those emotions dictate how you will face the battle upon you.

Faith in the Lord is your only assurance. Faith is your only strength. Faith is your only resource.

But faith in Him is more than enough to get you through, no matter how exhausting the fight and long the climb.

He is never surprised or overcome by the mountains in our way.

Be brave, trust Him, and start climbing.

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