Sometimes, Fences Need Mending

broken fences, broken souls

Sometimes fences need mending.
Sometimes the rains come and the weeds grow too fast.
Sometimes the wind blows hard and the roof needs repair.

Sometimes the walls need to be painted
And the to-do list grows faster than the hand can write
And the bills pile up as high as the laundry that still needs folding
And the baby cries and fights sleep all night
And the little boy didn't get enough sleep the night before
And everything unfinished stares back at you, begging for a check mark off the list…
Sometimes the need for quiet screams louder than all this noise.

So you stop. Look up and notice that the birds keep singing their melody in the midst of all this chaos.
Praise for their Creator never ceases.

The wind will blow and the rains will come again. But for now we stop and listen to the stillness that points us back to the One who brings order to chaos and hushes the storm inside our hearts.

We must stop and listen…

Because fences need mending, deep within our souls.

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