About Me

Ever feel like you want to escape to some secret quiet place, to shut out the noise in your life for just a few minutes? Maybe all you long for is to slow down just enough to take a cool sip of fresh water. Your soul is parched, your life is frazzled, and your thoughts are beyond scrambled.

I’ve been there. But I’ve also witnessed how new life always finds a way to bud forth after the wildfires have ravaged the forest. When we allow God to enter into our broken, burned up life, he changes everything, beginning with our perspective.  

That is my hope for you with Bibs & Buds. God's poetry is evident in every season. I pray you are encouraged to move from taking a long overdue sip of living water, to feasting at his banqueting table. Grab a bib, and get ready to feast.

I have worked in media as a writer, editor and producer for more than 20 years, and in Christian media for at least half of that time. I teach journalism as an adjunct professor and write about God's wisdom and faithfulness. I also regularly take time to enjoy my son and daughter while they are still cute and adorable. Oh, and my husband is cute and adorable too. Just saying.